The Team

Brigham Buhler

Founder, Ways2Well

Brigham Buhler’s career journey in the healthcare system for the last 15 years has taught him first hand how broken the system is, leaving patients without the care they deserve, or information they need to manage their health journey.
The average primary care physician has to be a “jack of all trades” and can only spend an average of 8 minutes per patient to diagnose and cover health history-which Buhler felt wasn’t enough. Access to diagnostic information and time spent with patients seemed to be missing in the overall patient experience, says Buhler. Ways2Well was founded in 2017 and launched in 2018 to provide low cost preventative wellness through in depth blood lab analysis; giving patients access, education and solutions to manage their current health states based on lab diagnostics. “At Ways2Well, the analysis of comprehensive blood panels are used to detect genetic and early markers of disease and illness. My goal with Ways2Well is to create a better standard of patient care and make the patient journey more approachable and friendly. We are empowering patients to take control of their health before chronic illness and diseases develop.”

Prior to founding Ways2Well, Buhler spent 15 years in the medical industry supporting the nation’s leading surgeons with Eli Lily and Stryker.He is a graduate of University of Houston Bauer College of Business. Buhler is co-founder of Ways2Well sister company ReviveRx pharmacy, a licensed compounding pharmacy headquartered in Houston, Texas.

Tay Bagley

Chief Operating Officer, Ways2Well

Tay Bagley is Chief Operating Officer for Ways2Well, chartered with running the daily operations of the company and expanding into new markets to bring Ways2Well to more patients. Originally interested in pursuing a career as a doctor, Bagley received his BA in Marketing from Baylor University once he realized his passion was creating solutions that helped people in an impactful way. Bagley spent the early part of his career in sales and management at Stryker and MediSmart; and has brought that operations experience to Ways2Well to build a dynamic team and accessible marketplace offerings for patient care that are effective and scalable. “I believe everyone should have the opportunity to live life on their own terms – that independent agency and patient care solutions are what I try to help create every day at Ways2Well.”

Prior to Ways2Well Bagley held senior positions and a strong sales record with Enterprise, Stryker and MediSmart. He is a Baylor University graduate and native Houstonian.

Aaron Schneider PHARMD.

Co-Founder, ReviveRX
Clinical Advisor, WAYS2WELL

Aaron Schneider is co-founder and Director of Pharmacy Operations at ReviveRx Pharmacy, a licensed compounding pharmacy in Houston, Texas and Ways2Well partner company. Growing up in rural Texas where there is limited access to quality health care, Schneider recognized early on that affordable access to quality healthcare solutions was an issue. Wanting to change the paradigm from ‘sick care’ to true preventative care/health management Schneider pursued a Doctorate of Pharmacy where he can be the last touch point and educator in the patient journey, helping them manage their care. “ReviveRx was founded to provide quality accessible patient specific care that accommodates our patients’ busy lives. We partner with Ways2Well to provide affordable diagnostic tools, and expertise to maximize a patients health through preventative care, before it becomes sick care; keeping patients healthier, longer.

Prior to ReviveRx, Schneider spent over 15 years in pharmacy as a pharmacy technician, pharmacist, pharmacy manager, and director of operations with experience in Critical Care, and Ambulatory Care and a special focus in Urology, Uro-Gynecology, Endocrinology, and Reproductive Medicine. He graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in Biomedical Sciences, and received his Doctorate of Pharmacy at UIW Feik School of Pharmacy in San Antonio.

Danese Rexroad


Abbie Byrom

Head of Marketing & Communications

Whitney Williford

Marketing & Sales

Kelli Bailey

Patient Operations