Retinol Resurfacing Complex


Skin Conditions

  • Rough, dry, flaky skin
  • Surface Lines
  • Rough, dry, aging lips
  • Deeper wrinkles
  • Age spots, sun spots, and discoloration from inflammation
  • Whistle lines & crow’s feet

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Retinol Resurfacing Complex 1



Rough, dry, flaky skin becomes noticeably smoother overnight


Surface lines visibly soften within one week


Whistle lines, crow’s feet and deeper wrinkles become less noticeable within one month


Age spots, sun spots and discolorations from inflammation seem to fade within days to weeks


Lips feel softer, smoother and slightly plumper within minutes to days

Beautifeye ™ a clinically-tested synergistic blend of two plant extracts, Persian Silk Tree and Holy Herb, is the first ingredient to visibly lift the upper eyelid by 20% up to 91%. The eye contour’s structural integrity is fortified, elasticity is restored, and the contraction capacity of the lid is measurably bolstered. Never before has the eyelid been so supported and vitalized leaving the eyes looking visibly lifted and younger looking.

  • Pure, bioactive Vitamin A is time-released inside skin’s surface where rough skin and wrinkles develop
  • Maxtrixyl ™ Peptides – an amino acid chain based on a skin repair peptide discovered at the National Institute of Health – reduces as much as 68% of visible wrinkling within 2-6 months
  • A revolutionary non-acid sugar complex gently reveals younger, fresher skin cells in days
  • Time released Vitamin A delivery and soothing plant extracts of Licorice, Mugwort and Algae Amino Acids counteract the stinging and redness commonly experienced with Vitamin A treatments

Most clients will find this lightweight lotion is gentle enough to be used around the eyes to smooth the agining effects of “crow’s feet” and around the mouth to smooth laugh and “whistle” lines and make lips softer, smoother and slightly plumper.

Retinol Resurfacing Complex 2
Retinol Resurfacing Complex 3

Pair Retinol Resurfacing Complex with light therapy and other non-ablative anti-aging treatments for maiximum line smoothing effects. Unlike lasters, peels and injections, the results from Retinol Resurfacing Complex continue to build overtime, helping skin regain visible smoothness and clarity with continued use.

Dermatologist tested on sensitive skin. Opthamologist approved for use around the eyes. Does not contain fragrance, colorants, AHAs or parabens.

Retinol Resurfacing Complex 4


PM Apply a small amount to clean skin before bedtime. May be applied to outer eye area and on lips.