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Virtual Health/Telehealth

What is Virtual Health / Telehealth

How do I use the Ways2Well virtual health platform?

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Can I become a patient if Ways2Well is unavailable in my state?

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Blood Draw

Do I Have to Make an Appointment for my Blood Draw?

How do I prepare for my blood draw?

How do I schedule my blood draw?

Should I stop taking my medication/supplements before the test?

Post-Blood Draw

Can I get a copy of my results faxed to my doctor?

When will I get my results?

Results & Consultations

Accuracy of Results

When Will I get My Results?

Can I have my results faxed or emailed to me?

In which states can I purchase a consultation?

How much do consultations cost?

How long do consultations take?


Can I use my HSA/FSA to pay for this testing?

Does Ways2Well accept insurance

Pharmacy & Prescriptions

What is ReviveRx?

Where do I get my prescriptions?

Hormone Therapy

What is hormone optimization?

Is hormone therapy right for me?