What is WAYS2WELL?

WAYS2WELL is changing the world of wellness medicine by making wellness services accessible, convenient and personalized. We are dedicated to educating our patients on cutting-edge therapies that allow us to focus on a healthy lifestyle, reduce healthcare costs and improve the current model of sick care.

At WAYS2WELL we believe that it takes a complete approach to ensure a successful wellness journey. No matter where you are starting or what your end goals are, our healthcare team is committed to working with you to ensure your success. We evaluate and create treatment plans that are unique to you. WAYS2WELL is 100% virtual and all our services are available through secure internet or phone platforms.

How does telemedicine work?

Our tele-wellness platform allows you to schedule an appointment and see our healthcare provider at your convenience. Prior to your appointment, you will receive a secure link via text message or email from Mend Family Service. Log in 5 minutes prior to your appointment to check your connection status. Once the provider logs in, your consultation will occur via video chat. All visits can be done on a computer, tablet or phone as long as you have a strong internet or cellular connection.

How long does a Wellness Consultation take?

Depending on your needs the length of each visit can vary. Initial full wellness consultations and follow-up visits can last up to 45 minutes. Routine visits can be less than 30 minutes. Our scheduling system is set up to allow for an appropriate amount of time, based on your current needs.

What type of services does WAYS2WELL offer?

We utilize an integrative approach to wellness. This means we combine the best of conventional medicine with alternative therapies looking for the root cause of any issue you may have or to assess the best approach to get you to an optimal state of wellness. We utilize unique blood tests that look at specific bio-markers, genetic tests that assess various factors in the wellness space, nutritional deficiencies, assessment of sleep patterns, pharmacology, supplements, hormone replacement therapy. We offer complete wellness packages to suit most people’s needs.

Will my insurance cover my consultation or lab work?

WAYS2WELL services are not reimbursable by Medicare, Medicaid or any other government health care program, or any commercial insurer, managed care organization, preferred provider organization or other payors. Medical savings accounts (HAS, HRA, FSA, MSA) may allow you to use your account for payment for wellness products and services, you will need to contact your employer or medical savings account administrator for availability. If requested WAYS2WELL will provide documentation for blood work that you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement for out of pocket costs. WAYS2WELL cannot guarantee that carriers will reimburse for any out of pocket expense.

Is WAYS2WELL available where I live?

Currently, WAYS2WELL is only available in Texas. We will be expanding into other states so please look for us in your area soon!


What types of prescriptions does WAYS2WELL offer?

We do hormone optimization therapy, vitamin and mineral therapy, lifestyle medications that treat conditions such as erectile dysfunction, hair loss, weight loss, pain and scar creams among many others. We do not prescribe any controlled substance that is utilized for chronic pain management.

Can I refill my WAYS2WELL prescriptions without another consultation?

Yes, in most cases. However, some medications require a follow-up lab work. Any prescription that allows for a refill will be automatically set to do so. When a follow-up visit is required, you will receive a notification to schedule a follow-up appointment.

May I have my prescription filled at another pharmacy?

Yes, you may choose to have your prescription filled at another pharmacy at any time; however, our pharmacies can typically offer medications at a lower cost than many retail pharmacies. We also offer the customer convenience of having medications shipped directly to your home. We do accept insurance for many medications.


Do I Need to Schedule an Appointment for my Blood Draw?

No, you have the option of making an appointment for your blood draw or just walking into your most convenient Quest Diagnostics location and waiting for the next available time. The lab will have your order waiting in their online database. The blood draw itself takes about 10 minutes.

Do I need to fast before my blood test?

We recommend that you fast prior to having any blood work done. This ensures more accurate results. To appropriately fast, please follow the steps below.

  • Fast for 12 hours (no food or beverages, except water).
  • Avoid alcohol for 24 hours.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours.
  • It is recommended that you drink plenty of water before having your blood drawn.

Do I need to stop taking my supplements or medications before the test?

Not necessarily. Our healthcare professional will let you know in your initial meeting if there are any supplements or medications you need to stop prior to having your blood testing done.

When will I get my results?

Your results should be ready in 5-10 business days. We will contact you once all of your labs have been received to schedule a follow-up appointment to review.


How Does WAYS2YOU Testing work?

We use a noninvasive swab to collect cells from the mouth. The swab is easy to use and only takes about a minute to collect enough DNA for analysis. Once collected, the swab is mailed directly to our lab for analysis.

What Genes are Analyzed with the Test?

Our lab analyzes approximately 115 unique genetic markers that have been shown through external research to be related to various ways the human body processes food, nutrients, and physical exercise, as well as how the body responds to the aging process.

When will I get my results?

Typical turnaround time for the entire process (swab kit shipping, DNA extraction, and analysis, quality inspection, report generation) is approximately 10-20 business days. We will email you as soon as your report is ready. 23&Me customers can have reports ready in as little as 48 hours.

What information is included in my results?

The genetic reports are full of information that will assist you and our team in creating an ideal wellness plan for you. These reports will be discussed in detail at your follow-up consultation. You will have access to a PDF version of your report and an online portal with helpful information such as recipes and workout regimens that are tailored to your specific genetic type.

Will you test for any serious inherited diseases?

No. WAYS2YOU focuses solely on those genes that are related to the body’s ability to process food, nutrients, and physical exercise. Any DNA test performed to detect predictors for disease should be interpreted by a physician or a certified genetic counselor.

What happens to my sample after it has been analyzed?

Unless you give us the authorization to store your sample in our lab’s bio-banking facility, your DNA sample will be destroyed by the lab within 45 days of analyzing the DNA.

How is my personal information protected?

To prevent unauthorized access to your information, our systems are run on HIPAA-compliant architecture, employing secure servers, firewalls, and encrypted back-ups.

Will my insurance cover the cost of the genetic test?

Probably not. Most insurance companies do not yet pay for genetic tests related to health management programs like Genetic Direction. We believe they will at some point in the future, so it might be worth checking with your insurance carrier. If your physician recommends you utilize a weight management program, you can use your HSA or FSA funds to pay for GxSlim.