Diabetes | Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatments

Diabetes is a serious, life-changing disease which arises in men and women when glucose levels in the blood, also referred to as blood sugar, become too high. Although there is currently no cure for diabetes, there are steps patients can take today to start controlling symptoms. If you or a loved one believe that you are suffering diabetes symptoms, it is important to begin by consulting a licensed medical professional as soon as possible.

If you receive a diabetes diagnosis from a doctor, working with a registered diabetes dietician at a certified health and wellness clinic in Houston is a critical first step in helping get your diabetes under control. Once addressed with a comprehensive treatment regimen incorporating medication, diet and exercise, many sufferers of diabetes begin to resume normal, active lives.

Have You Experienced Diabetes Symptoms?

Symptoms for individuals with diabetes vary widely, but will often include some or all of the following:

  • Chronic fatigue and low energy levels
  • Needing to urinate frequently or pain with urination
  • Low testosterone levels and erectile dysfunction in men
  • Rapid weight loss or weight gain
  • Excessive thirst or hunger
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Decreased libido in both men and women
  • Blurry vision and headaches
  • Wounds which heal slowly and more

Beyond physical effects, diabetes can take an emotional toll on sufferers. Decreased energy, lowered sex drive and frequent nausea can make living a normal life extremely difficult.. Getting these painful symptoms under control is an important first step to getting life back on track.

The Important Role of Research in Locating Effective Diabetes Treatments

Although many companies promise miracle diabetes treatments, there is currently no known substitute for scientifically based treatment regimens incorporating medication, proper nutrition and adequate exercise. Beware of any business offering expensive and invasive therapies which sound too good to be true. Therefore, it is essential to conduct thorough research to locate an experienced health and wellness center which will deliver effective diabetes treatment options.

Learn More About Diabetes Treatment Options

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