A message to our Ways2Well patients:

As we continue to see the spread of Covid-19 in our communities and around the world, Ways2Well encourages you to stay safe and healthy to reduce your risk of illness. Our patients health and wellbeing is our utmost priority as we navigate some of the new routines in daily life.  To help our patients and community stay healthy and prepared during this sensitive time, Ways2Well encourages you to do the following:

  • Make sure all medications are up to date and refilled as soon as possible.  You can text (281) 623-1414 to refill any of your Ways2Well or Revive Rx prescribed treatments and we will ship them direct to your door, free of charge.
  • Schedule a 15 minute visit with the  Ways2Well clinical team to address any new symptoms, illnesses, or general feeling of being “not well” in order to keep you as healthy as possible.
  • In line with guidance from the CDC, wash your hands with intent, regularly, and practice responsible social distancing to minimize the spread of the virus.  If you cannot wash your hands frequently, the CDC encourages the use of an alcohol based hand sanitizer. You can order Ways2Well hand sanitizer here.

Ways2Well is committed to keeping you healthier, longer.  To that end, patients can request additional immune boosting medications during this uncertain time. The following treatments are available with a consult and prescription from your Ways2Well provider:


  • A blend of immune boosting agents that keep your immune system strong and ready to fight.  
  • Ingredients: Resveratrol, Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin C, B6, NAC


An anti-inflammatory with recent data from the National Institute of Health that shows antiviral properties that can reduce the severity of SARS Coronavirus, a virus physiologically similar to COVID-19.

While the events surrounding Covid-19 can feel daunting, Ways2Well is here online for our patients with tools to help. As new information develops, we will keep our patient community updated. For now, let’s keep our communities healthier, longer!  You can schedule your free consultation here.


Ways2Well Team