Blood Lab Analysis


Did you know that 70% of the information you need about your health is contained in a drop of blood?

We do.

Ways2Well offers our patients a comprehensive blood analysis panel of 16 blood tests, that can be drawn at any Quest Diagnostics location, at your convenience. These important diagnostic results provide your Ways2Well healthcare team an overview of your blood, hormones, organ function, and vitamin levels that are essential to determining your current health state.

Blood tests show whether the biological indicators in your blood fall within the optimal range and can also surface early indicators and markers for genetic conditions, chronic illness and disease. By analyzing comprehensive blood panels your Ways2Well clinical team is able to identify and treat root causes of illness before symptoms become chronic disease. 60% of adults have at least one chronic condition that is modifiable or reversible according to the Centers for Disease Control. A comprehensive blood panel with Ways2Well is the first step to identifying any abnormalities in your endocrine system.

Blood analysis can evaluate the functions of your internal organs such as: liver, kidney, thyroid, and heart. It will diagnosis diseases and conditions such as: anemia, diabetes, coronary heart disease, cancer, and HIV/AIDs. Blood analysis will also surface if the medications that you are taking are working and benefiting your body and how well your immune system is working and if your body is stressed.

If you haven’t scheduled a routine annual blood lab panel, talk to your Ways2Well clinician today about scheduling a consultation to discuss your options.