Functional Medicine And Regenerative Care Texas

Ways2Well provides functional and regenerative care, delivered directly to you. We focus primarily on helping men and women stay optimal in their health and well-being. Ways2Well uses comprehensive blood labs and analyzes what’s happening in the body. We use the results of those labs to educate our patients on their current health and develop solutions to optimize health and prevent illness or disease. Our goal is to empower you to take control of your health on your own terms by providing the diagnostic information you need through blood lab analysis. In our effort to provide functional medicine in Texas, we provide solutions related to immune health, sleep health, and peptide therapy.

What is Ways2Well?

Watch this short video clip and get to know what Ways2Well can offer to help men and women stay optimal.

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Men’s and Women’s Health Treatment in Texas

At Ways2Well, we provide patients with a virtual, affordable, preventative care model to reduce the hassle of seeking medical care. We treat a wide variety of health issues for men and women.

Men’s Health issues:

Erectile Dysfunction – We offer simple, effective solutions and deliver them to you with discretion

Health Optimization/Performance – A balanced diet, regular exercise, and improved sleep help fight chronic illness and disease.

Growth Hormone Treatment – A proven, safe treatment for men's health issues

Hair Loss – We can help determine the cause and proper treatment that works for you

Sleep Health – Better quality sleep can improve all areas of life

Beyond Stem Cells – Regenerative medicine for cardiac and tendon regeneration, wound healing, incontinence, and more

CBD – Alternative medicine effective in treating everything from heart health to ED

Vitamins/Nutritional Support – We develop a plan to achieve optimal health

Anti Aging/Skin Care – We use peptide therapy to reduce the signs and symptoms of aging.

Women’s Health issues:

Sexual Health – We will work with you to increase your sex drive and overall sexual health

Health Optimization/Performance – Our solutions are tailored to meet your needs so you can live your best life

Growth Hormone Treatment – Improves overall energy, increases vitality, enhanced sex drive, weight loss, and anti-aging effects

Sleep Health - Combat poor sleep with lifestyle changes, treatments for underlying conditions, and products to improve sleep

Anti Aging/Skin Care - available treatments to combat aging, improve immune function, and repair damaged tissue

Beyond Stem Cells – Regenerative medicine has many proven benefits to women's health

Vitamins/Nutritional Support - A vitamin or nutrient deficiency can lead to chronic illness, your body needs vitamins and nutrients to maintain optimal health

CBD - Beneficial in managing pain, reducing anxiety, improving heart health, improving sleep, managing acne, and more

Hair Loss – We will help determine the cause and provide a solution

At Ways2Well, our motto is get well, stay well!

How it Works

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Very friendly staff and knowledgeable with results and solutions, can't wait to start my program.

Robert MenaDec 10, 2020

If your looking for a thorough review of your blood work this is the place to go. Very knowledgeable and will get you where you would like to be.

Jerod McKeehanFeb 20, 2021

Staff was very attentive to all of my needs and always on time for our appointments.

Hung LaoJul 14, 2020

Very friendly staff and knowledgeable with results and solutions, can't wait to start my program.

Robert MenaDec 10, 2020